So how did gimmenotes become a thing?

blogWe would love to tell you the story about how we had this genius idea about starting a content website to help correspondence students achieve academic glory, but the truth is gimmenotes was born out of pure necessity to keep up with the requirements of our academic lives. In this ever changing world driven by technology and innovation that we live in, we have many devices that assist us with various tasks but we wondered why the consumption of educational material hasn’t evolved much, which led us to ask “why don’t schools promote different styles of learning?” We thought to ourselves that a cocktail of these learning styles would surely help us grasp new concepts better, and to our amazement it did. Better than we ever imagined. We played around with spatial, auditory and kinaesthetic learning and we were able to cut our learning curve by more than half and recalling the information was really a breeze.


When it comes to auditory learning we know that there are text-to-speech software that a person could use, however, after using the text-to-speech software we realised that it’s easy for the learner to break concentration and not comprehend any of the material. So basically you’re just wasting your time. So the next thing we did was ask the question “why aren’t there any audiobooks for our school material”? After searching the ‘interwebs’ we realised that there isn’t much out there and podcasts for module specific material were not easily available for students to use. Imagine learning information while training at the gym, riding in the taxi on your way to school or during your lunch break at your job. Auditory learning makes repetition so, so easy. 



We ended up searching around for all the student notes that we could find and with no money in our pockets and no clue what we were doing we decided to pursue this project. gimmenotes would love to hear any suggestions on how we could better service our community, so please send us mail or tweet us.


One more thing, what we have come to notice is that schools always expect us to learn tons of new information and concepts, BUT they don’t teach us how to learn and how our brains like to store information. They don’t explain how memory works. We have researched the best known memory tricks and techniques that  memory athletes use and we created a book that highlights and explains how to use these effective memory techniques and adapt them for learning.  Speeding up the process of transferring information from short-term memory to long-term memory. Basically what we call ACCELERATED LEARNING!!!!!


The whole idea of this project is to have a free audio library for learners to help them with course material and hopefully we can improve overall grades by turning those Es and Ds into A+ grades because a smarter current generation will be able to solve the problems the previous generation could not.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Peace, love and fried chicken 🙂

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