4 simple tips

4-simpletipsStatistics have shown that more than half of the students that will drop out of higher education institutions countrywide will do so during their 1st year. Now don’t be scared, we are just telling you the facts.


Before we continue, we would like to congratulate every single one of you who have decided to take on the burden of education to better your knowledge or the will to advance in your career. We know it is not easy. Keep your head up and keep pushing.

So we randomly did some distance learning research and we found that distance learners really do do well when they treat their qualification as a project. They have a systematic approach to achieving their desired goal. Unfortunately there is no easy formula, however being realistic about what work load you can take on will keep your moral up and keep you motivated to complete your qualification.


Too many times people committee to doing 5 modules for a semester, knowing their responsibilities only allows them enough free time to do 3 modules. So they end up failing 2. We all want to finish as quickly as possible, but passing 3 out of 5 is just a waste of money, that most of us don’t have. So it is okay to pace yourself. Part-time doesn’t necessarily mean it will take you twice as long. We are also not saying you should be lazy. Planning and preparation is key to success. This one of our favoutite quotes that we look at when we feel overwhelmed…




If you stay faithful to this, you will soon see yourself achieving your goals faster than you could have imagined.

So we have 4 pieces of advice that can help you through.



This is a must have!! Whether paperback or digital, use your diary to plan your study time and as importantly your free time. Many people forget to plan their “chill” time. A healthy engine doesn’t run 24/7 and knows when to change oil.


  • Find a community

With distance learning there are plenty of support groups to help you with your particular modules. We don’t recommend paying to be part of any community, so don’t be ripped OFF!!!  Facebook and Twitter are always good places to start looking for learners to form study groups. We will eventually create a space for students to do so on our website once we have enough users.


  • “They gave you a study guide, so use it!”

The material that Universities or colleges give you is generally explained well enough for you to grasp all that you need to. But is you don’t understand, that’s okay too. If you don’t have uncapped internet at home, go to the local library and browse YouTube. There are hundreds of thousands of lectures on there on any topic. You will find a lecture suited for you.


  • Lastly, Take Yourself Seriously

This is a bit of a tough one but it is true. If you don’t take yourself seriously, how do you expect other people to? Remember that in choosing to get an education you are investing in yourself. Take care of that investment and get the most out it. We wish you all the best, and we know you will do well.


Till next time.

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