CNT4701 – Concrete Technology IV (Theory) 

CNT4702 – Concrete Technology IV (Project) 

CNTPRA4 – Concrete Technology IV (Practical) 

FEN4701 – Foundation Engineering IV (Theory) 

FEN4702 – Foundation Engineering IV (Project) 

RCD4701 – Reinforced Concrete Design IV (Theory) 

RCD4PJT – Reinforced Concrete Design IV (Project) 

RDM4701 – Reticulation Design and Management IV (Theory) 

RDM4702 – Reticulation Design and Management IV (Project) 

SAN4701 – Structural Analysis IV

SMD4701 – Structural Masonry Design IV (Theory) 

SMD4702 – Structural Masonry Design IV (Project) 

SSD4701 – Structural Steel Design IV (Theory) 

SSD4702 – Structural Steel Design IV (Project) 

TST401C – Theory of Structures IV