First level


DSC1520 – Quantitative Modelling I

ECS1501 – Economics IA

ECS1601 – Economics IB

FAC1502 – Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

FAC1602 – Elementary Financial Accounting and Reporting

INF1505 – Introduction to Business Information Systems

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

MNB1601 – Business Management IB

MNM2602 – Essentials of Marketing

SUS1501 – Sustainability And Greed

Second level


ECS2601 – Microeconomics

ECS2602 – Macroeconomics

FIN2601 – Financial Management

HRM2605 – Human Resource Management for Line Managers

MNB2601 – Business Management

MNG2601 – General Management

MNG2602 – Contemporary Management Issues

MNL2601 – Leadership

MNO2601 – Production and Operations Management

MNP2601 – Purchasing Management

Third level


MNB3701 – Global Business Management IA

MNB3702 – Global Business Management IB

MNG3701 – Strategic Planning IIIA

MNG3702 – Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

MNN3701 – Corporate Citizenship

ECS3701 – Monetary Economics

ECS3702 – International Trade

ECS3703 – International Finance

ECS3704 – Public Economics

ECS3705 – History of Economic Thought

FIN3701 – Financial Management

FIN3702 – Working Capital Management

HRM3704 – Contemporary issues in Human Resource Management

HRM3705 – Compensation Management

HRM3706 – Performance Management

MNM3712 – Customer Relationship Management

MNO3701 – Production and Operations Management

MNP3701 – Strategic Sourcing

MNP3703 – Supplier Relationship Management