First level


CGM1501 – Invitation to Theology

CGM1502 – First Steps in Practical Theology

CMM1501 – Ethics and Life

CMM1502 – The Dynamics of Mission

ECH1501 – Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology

OTS1501 – Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature

TIC1501 – Reflections of Faith

TIC1502 – Introduction to the Study of Church History

Second level


CGM2601 – Ethics and Spirituality

CGM2602 – Preaching in a Context of Poverty

CGM2603 – Exploring Celebration and Worship

CMM2601 – Women in Society and Church

CMM2602 – Youth Ministry in Communities

CMM2603 – Intercultural Christian Communication

TIC2601 – Faith, Church and Culture

TIC2602 – Christianity and a Changing South Africa

TIC2603 – Faith, Jesus and Social Change

TIC2604 – World Christianity and Ecumenism

ECH2601 – Text Interpretation, Theory and Method

ECH2602 – Daily Life in Early Christianity

ECH2603 – Illness, Health and Healing in the Early Christian World

OTS2601 – The Bible, Creation and Ecology

OTS2602 – From Dan to Beersheba: an Archaeological Tour Through Ancient Israel

OTS2603 – Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives

OTS2604 – The Bible and the Eradication of Poverty

Third level


BTH3720 – Integrated Theological Praxis

CGM3701 – Sexual Ethics

CGM3702 – From Text to Sermon: Reading and Creating Religious Texts

CGM3703 – Caring for All: Exploring the Field of Pastoral Work

CGM3704 – The Research Challenge: Doing Empirical Research in Theology

CGM3705 – Christian Leadership and Church Management

CMM3701 – Christian Action for Anti-Racism and Reconciliation

CMM3702 – God, Creation and Environment

CMM3703 – Christian Social Ethics

CMM3704 – The Dynamics of Interreligious Encounter

CMM3705 – Christian Moral Decision-Making

TIC3701 – Faith, the Spirit and the Future

TIC3702 – Faith, Philosophy and Science

TIC3703 – Church and Society Across the Ages

TIC3704 – Christianity in Africa

TIC3705 – Christian Foundations: the Early Centuries

ECH3701 – Death, Tombs and Burials in the Early Christian World

ECH3702 – Religion, Worship and Prayer in the Early Christian World

ECH3703 – The Bible and Human Development in Post-Colonial Africa

ECH3704 – Construction of Bodies, Gender and Sexuality in Early Christianity

ECH3705 – Early Christian Spirituality

OTS3701 – Politics, Power and Prophecy in Ancient Israel

OTS3702 – Excavating a Biblical City

OTS3703 – The Bible and African Cultures

OTS3704 – The Bible and Sexuality

OTS3705 – Understanding the Old Testament Through Archaeology