First level


BSM1501 – Business Management IA

ENN1504 – Practising Workplace English

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

ICT1511 – Introduction to Programming

ICT1512 – Introduction to Interactive Programming

ICT1513 – Introduction to Web Design

ICT1521 – Introduction to Databases

ICT1531 – Workstation Technical Skills

ICT1532 – Network Technical Skills

ICT1541 – Business Informatics I

Second level


FAC1501 – Introductory Financial Accounting

ICT2611 – Graphical user Interface Programming

ICT2612 – Interactive Programming

ICT2613 – Internet Programming

ICT2621 – Structured Systems Analysis and Design

ICT2622 – Object-Oriented Analysis

ICT2631 – Operating Systems Practice

ICT2632 – Digital Logic

ICT2641 – Business Informatics IIA

ICT2642 – Business Informatics IIB

Third level


ICT3611 – Advanced Graphical user Interface Programming

ICT3612 – Advanced Internet Programming

ICT3621 – Database Design

ICT3631 – Advanced Operating System Practice

ICT3641 – Business Informatics IIIA

ICT3642 – Business Informatics IIIB

ICT3713 – Information and Communication Technology Project Proposal

ICT3714 – Information and Communication Technology Project Implementation

ICT3722 – Database Practice

INF3708 – Software Project Management