First level


FAC1501 – Introductory Financial Accounting

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

MNM1501 – Personal Selling

MNM1502 – Customer Service

MNM1503 – Introduction to Marketing

MNM1504 – Introduction to Retailing

MNM1505 – Introduction to Consumer Behaviour

MNM1506 – Introduction to Merchandising

MNM1507 – Introduction to Marketing Communication

SUS1501 – Sustainability and Greed

Second level


FIN2603 – Finance for Non-Financial Managers

HRM2605 – Human Resource Management for Line Managers

MNB1601 – Business Management IB 

MNM2601 – Marketing Management 

MNM2603 – Salesmanship 

MNM2604 – Business-To-Business Marketing 

MNM2605 – Consumer Behaviour 

MNM2606 – Advertising and Sales Promotion 

MNM2607 – Public Relations 

MNM2612 – E-Commerce in Business 

Third level


MNE2601 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 

MNG2601 – General Management

MNM3701 – Marketing Planning 

MNM3702 – Marketing Research 

MNM3703 – Sales Management 

MNM3704 – Marketing Project 

MNM3705 – Marketing Applications 

MNM3710 – Brand Management 

MNO2601 – Production and Operations Management 

MNP2602 – Supply Chain Management