First level


CEC1501 – Conservation Ecology I

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

HOR1501 – Ornamental Plant Propagation

HOR1503 – Plant Growing and Care

HOR1504 – Horticulture Practical I

HOR1604 – Horticultural Mechanisation I

LDS1501 – Landscape Maintenance

PMS1501 – Ornamental Plant Use I

PSO1501 – Plant Studies I

SSC1501 – Soil Science I

Second level


EMG2601 – Horticultural Resource Management I

ENS2602 – Environmental Studies I

HOR2601 – Nursery Design and Layout

HOR2602 – Plant Growth Structures

HOR2604 – Horticulture Practical II

LDS2601 – Introductory Landscape Design Techniques

PMS2601 – Ornamental Plant Use II

PMS2602 – Ornamental Plant Use III

PSO2601 – Plant Studies II

Third level


EMG3701 – Horticulture Resource Management II

EMG3702 – Horticultural Resource Management Practice (WIL)

GGH3708 – Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

HOR3601 – Ornamental Crop Production

HOR3602 – Plant Pests and Diseases

LDS3601 – Landscape Construction and Installation

LDS3701 – Advanced Landscape Design Techniques

LDS3702 – Landscape Design Practical

LDS3703 – Landscape Design Practice (WIL)

PMS3601 – Ornamental Plant Use Practice (WIL)