First level


BSM1501 – Business Management IA

ELE1501 – Electrical Engineering I (Theory)

ELEPRA1 – Electrical Engineering I (Practical)

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MAT1581 – Mathematics I (Engineering)

MCA1PRA – Mechanics I (Practical)

MED161Q – Mechanical Engineering Drawing I

MME1501 – Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Theory)

MMEPRA1 – Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Practical)

PHY1501 – Elementary Mechanics

Second level


ELE2601 – Electrical Engineering II (Theory)

ELEPRA2 – Electrical Engineering II (Practical)

FMC2601 – Fluid Mechanics II (Theory)

FMCPRA2 – Fluid Mechanics II (Practical)

MAT2691 – Mathematics II (Engineering)

MEE231V – Mechanical Engineering Design II

MEG101T – Maintenance Engineering I

MOM2601 – Mechanics of Machines II (Theory)

MOMPRA2 – Mechanics of Machines II (Practical)

SOM2601 – Strength of Materials II (Theory)

SOMPRA2 – Strength of Materials II (Practical)

THD2601 – Thermodynamics II (Theory)

THDPRA2 – Thermodynamics II (Practical)

Third level


CAD161S – Computer Aided Draughting I

EMA2601 – Engineering Management II (Module A)

EMA2602 – Engineering Management II (Module B)

MCP101E – Mechanical Engineering Practice I

MEA351A – Mechanical Engineering Design III

MME2601 – Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Theory)

MMEPRA2 – Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Practical)

FMA3601 – Fluid Mechanics III (Theory)

FMAPRA3 – Fluid Mechanics III (Practical)

MOM3601 – Mechanics of Machines III (Theory)

MOMPRA3 – Mechanics of Machines III (Practical)

SOM3601 – Strength of Materials III (Theory)

SOMPRA3 – Strength of Materials III (Practical)

THD3601 – Thermodynamics III (Theory)

THDPRA3 – Thermodynamics III (Practical)

Fourth level

MCP201E – Mechanical Engineering Practice II

FMA3602 – Hydraulic Machines III (Theory)

FMAPRB3 – Hydraulic Machines III (Practical)

MOM3602 – Theory of Machines III (Theory)

MOMPRB3 – Theory of Machines III (Practical)

SOM3602 – Applied Strength of Materials III (Theory)

SOMPRB3 – Applied Strength of Materials III (Practical)

THD3602 – Steam Plant III (Theory)

THDPRB3 – Steam Plant III (Practical)

ELE3601 – Electrical Engineering III (Theory)

ELEPRA3 – Electrical Engineering III (Practical)

MAT3700 – Mathematics III (Engineering)

MEA361B – Machine Design III

MEG291X – Maintenance Engineering II