First level


ADB1501 – Administrative Management IA

ADB1602 – Administrative Management IB

ECS1501 – Economics IA

ECS1601 – Economics IB

EUC1501 – End-User Computing I (Theory)

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FAC1501 – Introductory Financial Accounting

FAC1502 – Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

MNG1502 – Management IA

MNG1602 – Management IB

Second level


BSM1501 – Business Management IA

BSM1602 – Business Management IB

COM1501 – Fundamentals of Communication

COM1502 – Communication Contexts and Applications

MND2601 – Management IIA

MND2602 – Management IIB

ADB2601 – Administrative Management IIA

ADB2602 – Administrative Management IIB

MAC1501 – Introduction to Management Accounting

Third level


CLA1501 – Commercial Law IA

CLA1502 – Commercial Law IB

MND3701 – Management IIIA

MND3702 – Management IIIB

ADB3701 – Administrative Management IIIA

ADB3702 – Administrative Management IIIB

FMA3M1X – Financial Management III (Module 1)

FMA401V – Financial Management IV

IOP1501 – Psychological Processes in Work Context

MAR221U – Marketing II

MAR332S – Marketing III

OMN101M – Operations Management I

OMN201M – Operations Management II

OMN301M – Operations Management III

STA1510 – Basic Statistics