First level


ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MAT1581 – Mathematics I (Engineering)

MEP171X – Mineral Exploitation I

SMI181Q – Science: Mining I

STA1510 – Basic Statistics

Second level


CAD161S – Computer Aided Draughting I

ENV301E – Environmental Management

EWS121Q – Engineering Work Study I

FAC1501 – Introductory Financial Accounting

MAT2691 – Mathematics II (Engineering)

MED161Q – Mechanical Engineering Drawing I

MPR101E – Mining Engineering Practice I

MPR201E – Mining Engineering Practice II


Third level


EMA2601 – Engineering Management II (Module A)

EMA2602 – Engineering Management II (Module B)

MBE2601 – Mineral Beneficiation II

MEN2601 – Mine Engineering II

MGY2601 – Mining Geology II

MIN2601 – Mining II

SAV2601 – Mine Survey and Valuation II

Fourth level


EMA3601 – Engineering Management III

GMI3601 – Geology: Mining III

MIE3601 – Mine Engineering III

MIN3601 – Mining III

MTS351X – Mining Technical Services III

SAV3601 – Mine Survey and Valuation III