First level


CHE181T – Chemistry I (Theory)

CHE1PRA – Chemistry I (Practical)

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FIC181C – Physics I (Theory)

FIC1PRA – Physics I (Practical)

IPM101P – Introduction to Pulp and Paper Making I

MAT1581 – Mathematics I (Engineering)

Second level


CEM2601 – Chemical Engineering Technology II

CEMPRA2 – Chemical Engineering Technology II (Practical)

ENP291Q – Engineering Physics II (Theory)

ENP2PRA – Engineering Physics II (Practical)

PCH241P – Physical Chemistry II (Theory)

PCH2PRA – Physical Chemistry II (Practical)

PCY2601 – Pulp and Paper Chemistry II

PTL101P – Pulp and Paper Technology I

PUP1501 – Pulp and Paper Practice I

QUT151Z – Qualitative Techniques I

Third level


CEM311A – Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module A)

CEMPRA3 – Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module A) (Practical)

CHP3601 – Chemical Plant III (Module A)

EMA2601 – Engineering Management II (Module A)

PTL2601 – Pulp and Paper Technology II

PUP2601 – Pulp and Paper Practice II

Fourth level


CEM321B – Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module B)

CEMPRB3 – Chemical Engineering Technology III Module B (Practical)

CHP3602 – Chemical Plant III (Module B)

EMA2602 – Engineering Management II (Module B)

PCY3601 – Pulp and Paper Chemistry III

PTL3601 – Pulp and Paper Technology III

PUP3601 – Pulp and Paper Practice III

TDA3601 – Thermodynamics (Applied III)