First level


Accounting Information Systems in a Computer Environment

Legal Aspects in Accountancy 

Perspectives on Accountancy

Commercial Law IC

Introductory Financial Mathematics

Economics 1500

Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

Financial Accounting Reporting 

Business Management IA

Business Management IB 

Second level


Practical Accounting Data Processing 

Corporate Governance in Accountancy 

Internal Auditing: Theory and Principles 

Financial Accounting for Companies 

Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures 

Principles of Management Accounting 

Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques 

General Management

Contemporary Management Issues 

Principles of Taxation

Third level


The Internal Audit Process: Planning the Engagement 

The Internal Audit Process: Test of Controls 

The Internal Audit Process: Specific Engagements and Reporting 

Managing the Internal Audit Activity 

General Financial Reporting 

Application of Management Accounting Techniques 

Application of Financial Management Techniques 

Strategic Planning IIIA 

Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB 

Taxation of Business Activities