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Who are we?

A team that loves to create

Gimmenotes is a startup founded with the mission to expose learners to different styles of learning and effective memory techniques.

The sole purpose of this project is to help our community consume their learning material more effectively and to ease the anxiety of  learning great quantities of information and recall of that information. We struggled with the same thing especially when we have to defend our knowledge to people. We realized that we are not the only ones with our needs so this is why we decided to create a free resource that could help people. This website will evolve as it matures, however our commitment to quality and servicing our community to the best of our ability will never change.

Don’t be shy reach out to us via our social media if you have any question or even show us some love on social media!



What is our future plans?

Experiment with simplicity offers free University specific notes that will be converted to audio and hosted on an online audio library. Students are welcome to send us their comprehensive notes and we will convert them to audio FREE of charge (t&c apply). Gimmenotes also seeks to work with independent voice over artists to contribute to the expanding resource. 

Gimmenotes offers a few digital products that explain the best and most effective memory techniques that are out there today. The team’s primary focus is delivering quality material, improve the user experience and serve our users. We are approaching education differently to a system that hasn’t changed in many decades.  We are all different so why should each individual’s education be the same? That is why we deal with spatial, auditory & kinesthetic learning including memory techniques THAT REALLY WORK!!!!!!!!