First level


COM1501 – Fundamentals of Communication

COS1511 – Introduction to Programming I

COS1521 – Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FRM1501 – Form and Motion

INF1511 – Visual Programming I

INF1520 – Human-Computer Interaction I

TDM1501 – Two Dimensional Imaging

ARH1501 – Visual Literacy

COS1512 – Introduction to Programming II

ENG1501 – Foundations in English Literary Studies

ENG1502 – Foundations in English Language Studies

Second level


COM2602 – Integrated Organisational Communication

COS2614 – Programming: Contemporary Concepts

CST2601 – Music Technology 1: Midi

CST3706 – Music Technology 2: Digital Audio

ICT2621 – Structured Systems Analysis and Design

ICT2622 – Object-Oriented Analysis

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

TEX2601 – Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

VAR2601 – Visual Arts 1

Third level


ARH3703 – Visual Culture 2

COM3703 – Media Studies: Content, Audiences and Production

COM3704 – New Media Technology

INF3703 – Databases II

INF3705 – Advanced Systems Development

INF3720 – Human-Computer Interaction II

PMP3701 – Professional Multimedia Practice

VAR3701 – Visual Arts 3