First level


Language Through an African Lens

The Anthropological Study of Culture in a Multicultural Context

Critical Reasoning

Basic Psychology

Psychology in Society

Afrikaans Today (Literature)

Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans)

Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

Foundations in English Literary Studies

Foundations in English Language Studies

English for Academic Purposes

Invitation to Theology

First Steps in Practical Theology

Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour

Introduction to Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime

Theoretical Frameworks in Education (Educational Foundations 101 (BED))

The Learning Child

The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

Introduction to History of Religions

Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work

Introduction to Social Work as a Profession

Second level


Marriage Guidance and Counselling

Sexual Trauma

Personality Theories

Child and Adolescent Development

Adulthood and Maturity

Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

Research in Social Sciences

Ethics and Spirituality

Sexual Ethics

Intercultural Christian Communication

The Dynamics of Interreligious Encounter

Crime Risk Perspectives

Principles of Crime Prevention, Reduction and Control

Child Development

Learning and Teaching Strategies in the Adolescent Years

Foundations of Public Administration

Welfare and Social Services

Culture and Education

HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

New Religious Movements: Cults, New Age and Related Phenomenona

Meditation and Mysticism

Facilitative Communication in Groups and Communities

Welfare Policy

Counselling Skills

Third level


Social Psychology

Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health

Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving

Psychological Research

Transformative Counselling Encounters

Community Psychology: Intervention Strategies

Christian Social Ethics

The Explanation of Crime

Crime Typologies


Contemporary Criminological Issues

Qualitative Research Methodology in Criminology

Inclusive Education A

Public Management Skills

Public Human Resource Management

Public Policy

Organisational Studies in the Public Sector

Public Financial Administration and Management

Ethics in Public Administration and Administrative Justice

Postmodern Philosophy of Religion

Social Case Work

Social Group Work

Community Work

Faith, Philosophy and Science