First level


AFL1501 – Language Through an African Lens

APY1501 – The Anthropological Study of Culture in a Multicultural Context

PLS2601 – Critical Reasoning

PYC1501 – Basic Psychology

PYC1502 – Psychology in Society

AFK1501 – Afrikaans Today (Literature)

AFK1502 – Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans)

AFK1503 – Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

AFL1503 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

AFL1504 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

ENG1501 – Foundations in English Literary Studies

ENG1502 – Foundations in English Language Studies

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

CGM1501 – Invitation to Theology

CGM1502 – First Steps in Practical Theology

CMY1501 – Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour

CMY1502 – Introduction to Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime

EDC1015 – Theoretical Frameworks in Education (Educational Foundations 101 (BED))

ETH102L – The Learning Child

PUB1501 – The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

PUB1601 – The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

RST1501 – Introduction to History of Religions

SCK1501 – Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work

SCK1502 – Introduction to Social Work as a Profession

Second level


MGG2601 – Marriage Guidance and Counselling

MGG2602 – Sexual Trauma

PYC2601 – Personality Theories

PYC2602 – Child and Adolescent Development

PYC2603 – Adulthood and Maturity

PYC2604 – Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

PYC2606 – Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

CGM2601 – Ethics and Spirituality

CGM3701 – Sexual Ethics

CMM2603 – Intercultural Christian Communication

CMM3704 – The Dynamics of Interreligious Encounter

CMY2601 – Crime Risk Perspectives

CMY2602 – Principles of Crime Prevention, Reduction and Control

EDT1601 – Child Development

EDT1602 – Learning and Teaching Strategies in the Adolescent Years

PUB2601 – Foundations of Public Administration

PUB2604 – Welfare and Social Services

PUB2605 – Culture and Education

PYC2605 – HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

RST2603 – New Religious Movements: Cults, New Age and Related Phenomenona

RST2604 – Meditation and Mysticism

SCK2601 – Facilitative Communication in Groups and Communities

SCK2603 – Welfare Policy

SCK2604 – Counselling Skills

Third level


PYC3701 – Social Psychology

PYC3702 – Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health

PYC3703 – Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving

PYC3704 – Psychological Research

PYC3705 – Transformative Counselling Encounters

PYC3706 – Community Psychology: Intervention Strategies

CMM3703 – Christian Social Ethics

CMY3701 – The Explanation of Crime

CMY3702 – Crime Typologies

CMY3705 – Victimology

CMY3706 – Contemporary Criminological Issues

CMY3708 – Qualitative Research Methodology in Criminology

ETH302S – Inclusive Education A

PUB3701 – Public Management Skills

PUB3702 – Public Human Resource Management

PUB3703 – Public Policy

PUB3704 – Organisational Studies in the Public Sector

PUB3705 – Public Financial Administration and Management

PUB3707 – Ethics in Public Administration and Administrative Justice

RST3708 – Postmodern Philosophy of Religion

SCK3701 – Social Case Work

SCK3702 – Social Group Work

SCK3703 – Community Work

TIC3702 – Faith, Philosophy and Science