First level


COM1501 – Fundamentals of Communication

COM1502 – Communication Contexts and Applications

COM2602 – Integrated Organisational Communication

COM2603 – Intercultural, Development and Health Communication

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

AFK1501 – Afrikaans Today (Literature)

AFL1501 – Language Through an African Lens

AFL1502 – African Language and Culture in Practice

APC1501 – Political Evolution of the African State

APC1502 – The Politics of Contemporary Africa

APY1501 – The Anthropological Study of Culture in a Multicultural Context

ARH1501 – Visual Literacy

ARH1502 – Introduction to Art History

CMY1501 – Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour

CMY1502 – Introduction to Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime

COS1511 – Introduction to Programming I

COS1512 – Introduction to Programming II

COS1521 – Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts

DVA1501 – Introduction to Development Studies

DVA1601 – Development Problems and Institutions

ECS1501 – Economics IA

ECS1601 – Economics IB

ENG1502 – Foundations in English Language Studies

GGH1501 – Know Your World: Introduction to Geography

GGH1502 – World Issues: a Geographical Perspective

INF1511 – Visual Programming I

INF1520 – Human-Computer Interaction I

INS1501 – Introduction to Information Science

INS1502 – Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning

IOP1501 – Psychological Processes in Work Context

IOP1601 – Personality in Work Context

IPC1501 – Fundamentals of International Politics

IPC1502 – South Africa in International Politics

LIN1502 – Multilingualism: the Role of Language in the South African Context

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

MNB1601 – Business Management IB

PLC1501 – Politics as Social Activity

PLC1502 – Understanding the State

PLS1501 – Introduction to Western Philosophy

PLS1502 – Introduction to African Philosophy

PSC2601 – South African Politics

PSC3702 – Political Conflict and Conflict Resolution

PUB1501 – The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

PUB1601 – The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

PYC1501 – Basic Psychology

PYC1502 – Psychology in Society

SOC1501 – Community, Society and Inequality in a Globalised World: Introduction to Sociology

SOC1502 – Understanding South Africa: Families, Education, Identities and Inequality

THL1501 – Introduction to Theory of Literature

THL1502 – Introduction to Literary Genres

AFK1502 – Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans)

ENG1501 – Foundations in English Literary Studies

ENN1504 – Practising Workplace English

Second level


CML1501 – Communication Law

COM2601 – Organisational Communication

COM2604 – Media Studies: Mass Communication and Media Theory

RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

TEX2601 – Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

AFK2601 – Genre and Theme

AFK2602 – Afrikaans Grammar

AFL2601 – Communication Dynamics in African Languages

AFL2602 – Understanding African Management Practices as Reflected in African Languages Literature and Texts

AFL2603 – Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages

APC2601 – Political Change in Contemporary Africa

APC2602 – Political Economy of Africa

APY2601 – Anthropological Theory in Practice

APY2613 – Anthropology in an African Context

ARH2603 – Visual Culture 1

DVA2601 – Projects and Programmes as Instruments of Development

DVA2602 – Community Development and the Basic Needs Approach

ENG2601 – Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations

ENG2602 – Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics

ENG2603 – Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures

GGH2601 – The African Challenge: People and Environment

HSY2601 – Themes in the 19th Century History: Power and the Western World

INS2602 – Investigating Information Ethics in the Information Era

INS2603 – Introducing Information Management

IOP2602 – Organisational Psychology

IPC2601 – International Organisations

IPC2602 – International Political Dynamics

LIN2602 – Language in a Changing World

LIN3705 – Text Structure and Function

MNM2602 – Essentials of Marketing

MNM2605 – Consumer Behaviour

PLC2601 – Understanding Political Behaviour and Participation

PLC2602 – Politics and Public Policy

PLS3701 – Theoretical and Applied Ethics

PUB2601 – Foundations of Public Administration

PUB2603 – Creation of Wealth

SOC2601 – Theories of Social Change

SOC2602 – Globalisation and Social Change in South Africa

THL2601 – Theory of the Sign in Literature and Culture

WLL2602 – Film, Literature and Society

Third level


COM3701 – Marketing Communication

COM3702 – Media Studies: Institutions, Theories and Issues

COM3703 – Media Studies: Content, Audiences and Production

COM3704 – New Media Technology

COM3705 – International Communication

COM3706 – Communication Research

COM3707 – Political and Government Communication and Media Ethics

COM3708 – Advertising and Public Relations

TEX3701 – Persuasive Texts

AFK3702 – Comparatism: Intertextual Dialogues

AFK3704 – Afrikaans Beyond Boundaries: an Interdisciplinary Perspective

APC3701 – The Politics of Southern Africa

APY3702 – Applied Anthropology: Contemporary Human Issues and the Practice of Anthropology

APY3703 – Themes in Anthropology: the Relevance of Ritual

ARH3703 – Visual Culture 2

DVA3701 – Development Theories

DVA3702 – Rural and Urban Development

DVA3703 – Development Policy and Strategies

DVA3704 – Development Planning

ENG3701 – The History and Spread of English

ENG3702 – The English Language: Context and Purpose

ENG3703 – Theoretical Approaches to English Language and Literature

ENG3704 – Shakespeare’s Dramatic Art

ENG3705 – Modern and Postmodern Literature in English

HSY3701 – Decolonisation, Independence and Social Change in Modern Africa

INS3705 – Information and Knowledge Management

MNM3702 – Marketing Research

PLC3701 – Political Ideas

PLC3702 – Democracy and Other Forms of Regime

PLS3705 – Political Philosophy

PUB3701 – Public Management Skills

PUB3702 – Public Human Resource Management

PUB3704 – Organisational Studies in the Public Sector

PYC3701 – Social Psychology

PYC3705 – Transformative Counselling Encounters

SOC3702 – Industrial Sociology

SOC3704 – Group Dynamics

THL3705 – Literary Theory in Context