First level


CMY1501 – Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour

CMY1502 – Introduction to Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime

CMY1503 – Introduction to Criminology: Reaction to Crime

ENN1504 – Practising Workplace English

SJD1501 – Social Dimensions of Justice

CRW1501 – Introduction to the General Principles of Criminal Law

ILW1501 – Introduction to Law

SCL1501 – Skills Course for Law Students

PEN1501 – Introduction to Fundamental Penology

PEN1502 – Correctional Services Administration I: Module II: Introduction to Corrections Science

PEN1503 – Correctional Skills

IOP1501 – Psychological Processes in Work Context

IOP1601 – Personality in Work Context

PYC1502 – Psychology in Society


Second level


CMY2601 – Crime Risk Perspectives

CMY2602 – Principles of Crime Prevention, Reduction and Control

CMY2603 – Child and Youth Misbehaviour

CMY2604 – Dealing With Young Offenders

CMY2606 – An Introduction to Research Methodology in Criminology

ADL2601 – Administrative Law

CMP2601 – Law of Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trail Procedure

CRW2603 – Selected Topics of Criminal Law

CSL2601 – Constitutional Law

FUR2601 – Fundamental Rights

IOS2601 – Interpretation of Statutes

PVL2601 – Family Law

PEN2601 – Correctional Services Administration II: Module I: Fundamental Penology

PEN2602 – Correctional Services Administration II: Module II: Social Dynamics in a Correctional Centre

PEN2603 – Correctional Services Administration III: Module I: Community Corrections

PEN2604 – Introduction to Correctional Management

PEN2605 – Correctional Services Administration I: Module 1: Correctional Security

PEN2606 – Admission and Release Mechanism
PEN2608 – Correction and Care

IOP2602 – Organisational Psychology

IOP2604 – Psychological Adjustment in the Work Context

IOP2605 – Human Capacity Development

IOP2608 – Forensic Industrial Psychology

PYC2601 – Personality Theories

PYC2604 – Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

PYC2605 – HIV/Aids Care and Counselling


Third level


CMY3701 – The Explanation of Crime

CMY3702 – Crime Typologies

CMY3704 – Formal Reaction to Crime

CMY3705 – Victimology

CMY3706 – Contemporary Criminological Issues

CMY3708 – Qualitative Research Methodology in Criminology

CMY3709 – Quantitative Research Methodology in Criminology

CMP3701 – Law of Criminal Procedure: Trial and Post-Trial

EVI3701 – Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence

EVI3702 – Evidence: the Presentation and Assessment of Evidence

PEN3701 – Restorative Justice in Corrections

PEN3703 – Special Needs Offenders

PEN3705 – Youth Corrections

PYC3702 – Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health

PYC3703 – Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving

PYC3706 – Community Psychology: Intervention Strategies