HMEMS80 – Research Methodology

MNG4801 – Strategic Management

HRBUS83 – Research Project in Business Management

HRBUS84 – Research Project in Marketing

HRBUS85 – Research Project in Human Resource Management

HRBUS86 – Research Project in Financial Management

AOM4801 – Advanced Operations Management

IMA4801 – Information Management

INT4801 – International Business

ORG4801 – The Management of Organisational Change and Renewal

PRO4801 – Project Management

SCH4801 – Supply Chain Management

BAN4801 – Financial Institutions Management

FIN4801 – Advanced Financial Management

FIN4802 – International Financial Management

INV4801 – Investments: Portfolio Management

RSK4801 – Operational Risk Management

RSK4805 – Market Risk Management

HRD4801 – Strategic Human Resource Development

HRM4801 – Advanced Human Resource Management

IOP4862 – Managerial and Organisational Psychology

LRM4801 – Advanced Labour Relations Management

MNM4801 – Contemporary Issues in Marketing

MNM4803 – Marketing Metrics

MNM4804 – Applied Strategic Retailing