First level


Commercial Law IA

Economics IA

Economics IB

Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

Financial Accounting Reporting

Business Management IA

Business Management IB

Sustainability and Greed

Second level


Money and Banking



Financial Accounting for Companies

Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures

Financial Management

Personal Financial Management

Investments: an Introduction

General Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Banking : Introduction to Treasury Management

South African Economic Indicators

South African Financial System

Production and Operations Management

Fundamentals of Operational & Financial Risk

Principles of Taxation

Third level


Monetary Economics

Financial Management

Working Capital Management

Strategic Planning IIIA

Strategic Implementation and Control IIIB

Risk Financing and Short Term Insurance

Taxation of Business Activities

Banking : Treasury Management

International Finance

General Financial Reporting

Group Financial Reporting

Investments: Equity Asset Valuation

Investments: Fixed Income Analysis

Investments: Derivatives

Risk Management: Long Term Insurance