First level


AFK1501 – Afrikaans Today (Literature)

AFK1503 – Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

AFL1501 – Language Through an African Lens

AFL1502 – African Language and Culture in Practice

AFL1503 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

AFL1504 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

ARB1501 – Elementary Arabic

ARH1501 – Visual Literacy

ARH1502 – Introduction to Art History

BLG1501 – Basic Biology

BLG1502 – Animal and Plant Diversity

BLG1603 – Biology Practical

BOT1501 – Plant Structure: Cytology, Morphology and Anatomy

BOT1502 – Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany

BOT1603 – Botany I (Practical)

CHE1501 – General Chemistry IA

CHE1502 – General Chemistry IB

CHE1503 – Chemistry I (Practical)

CLO1501 – Clothing Construction: Theory

CLO1602 – Clothing Construction: Practical

COS1501 – Theoretical Computer Science I

COS1511 – Introduction to Programming I

COS1512 – Introduction to Programming II

COS1521 – Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts

ECH1501 – Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology

ECS1501 – Economics IA

ECS1601 – Economics IB

ENG1501 – Foundations in English Literary Studies

ENG1502 – Foundations in English Language Studies

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FAC1502 – Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

FAC1601 – Financial Accounting Reporting

FOO1501 – Food Preparation I

FOO1602 – Food Preparation Practical I

FRC1501 – French Language and Culture: Beginners

FRC1502 – French Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

GAR1501 – Drawing 1

GGH1501 – Know Your World: Introduction to Geography

GGH1502 – World Issues: a Geographical Perspective

GRE1501 – Greek Grammar

GRE1502 – Greek Grammar and Reading

ICS1501 – An Introduction to Islam

ICS2602 – History of Islam

INF1505 – Introduction to Business Information Systems

INF1511 – Visual Programming I

INF1520 – Human-Computer Interaction I

IOP1501 – Psychological Processes in Work Context

IOP1502 – Customer Service in Tourism

IOP1601 – Personality in Work Context

LAN1501 – Basic Concepts in Language Analysis: Introduction to Latin Morphology

LAN1502 – Introduction to Latin Grammar and Syntax

MAN1501 – Rumen Hanyu: Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

MAN1502 – Shiyong Hanyu: Practical Mandarin Chinese

MAT1503 – Linear Algebra

MAT1510 – Precalculus Mathematics A

MAT1511 – Precalculus Mathematics B

MAT1512 – Calculus A

MAT1613 – Calculus B

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

MNB1601 – Business Management IB

NUT1501 – Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Yielding Nutrients

NUT1602 – Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency Diseases

OTS1501 – Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature

PHY1501 – Elementary Mechanics

PHY1503 – Physics Practical Work I

PHY1505 – Mechanics (Physics)

PHY1506 – Electromagnetism and Heat (Physics)

PHY1604 – Modern Physics

PTU1501 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Beginners

PTU1502 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

PYC1501 – Basic Psychology

PYC1502 – Psychology in Society

RST1501 – Introduction to History of Religions

RST1502 – Introduction to Theory of Religion

STA1501 – Descriptive Statistics and Probability

STA1502 – Statistical Inference I

ZOL1501 – Animal Diversity I

ZOL1502 – Animal Diversity II

ZOL1603 – Zoology I (Practical)

BPT1501 – Being a Professional Teacher

EDC1015 – Theoretical Frameworks in Education (Educational Foundations 101 (BED))

EDT1601 – Child Development

EDT1602 – Learning and Teaching Strategies in the Adolescent Years

ETH303T – The Education System and School Management (Educational Themes 303)

Second level


AFK2601 – Genre and Theme

AFK2602 – Afrikaans Grammar

AFL2601 – Communication Dynamics in African Languages

AFL2602 – Understanding African Management Practices as Reflected in African Languages Literature and Texts

AFL2603 – Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages

ARB2603 – Intermediate Arabic

ARB3704 – Advanced Arabic

ARB3705 – Basic Arabic Literary Texts

BOT2601 – Plant Anatomy, Structure and Function

BOT2602 – Systematics of Vascular Plants

BOT2604 – Botany II (Practical)

CHE2611 – Inorganic Chemistry II (Theory)

CHE2613 – Organic Chemistry II (Theory)

CHE2614 – Analytical Chemistry II (Theory)

CHE2621 – Inorganic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 Only

CHE2623 – Organic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 2 Only

CHE2624 – Analytical Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 Only

CLO2601 – Textiles: Fibres

COS2601 – Theoretical Computer Science II

COS2611 – Programming: Data Structures

COS2621 – Computer Organisation

ECH2601 – Text Interpretation, Theory and Method

ECS2601 – Microeconomics

ECS2602 – Macroeconomics

ECS2603 – South African Economic Indicators

ENG2601 – Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations

ENG2602 – Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics

ENG2603 – Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures

FAC2601 – Financial Accounting for Companies

FAC2602 – Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures

FOO2601 – Food Preparation II

FOO2603 – Food Production Principles

FRC2601 – French Language and Culture: Intermediate

FRC2602 – French for Professional Purposes: Introduction

FRC2603 – French Literature: Introduction

GGH2601 – The African Challenge: People and Environment

GGH2602 – The Geography of Services Provision

GGH2603 – The Interpretation of Maps, Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

GGH2604 – People and the Natural Environment: Use and Impact

HPM2601 – Food Service Organisation and Management

HPM2602 – Meal Management

HPM2603 – Hospitality Industry Regulations

HPM2604 – Events Management

HSY2601 – Themes in the 19th Century History: Power and the Western World

HSY2602 – Early State Formation, Slavery and Colonial Conquest in Africa

HSY2603 – Transformation in Southern Africa in the 19th Century: Colonisation, Migration, Mining and War

ICS2603 – Foundation Sources of Islam

ICS2604 – Sociocultural Life, Ethics and Education in Islam

ICT2621 – Structured Systems Analysis and Design

ICT2622 – Object-Oriented Analysis

INF2611 – Visual Programming II

IOP2601 – Organisational Research Methodology

IOP2602 – Organisational Psychology

MAT2611 – Linear Algebra

MAT2612 – Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

MNE2601 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

MNG2601 – General Management

OTS2601 – The Bible, Creation and Ecology

OTS2603 – Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives

PHY2601 – Classical Mechanics

PHY2602 – Electricity and Magnetism (Physics)

PHY2604 – Physics Practical Work II

PHY2606 – Waves (Physics)

PTU2601 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Intermediate Level

PTU2602 – Modern Portuguese Literature and Society

PYC2601 – Personality Theories

PYC2602 – Child and Adolescent Development

PYC2603 – Adulthood and Maturity

PYC2605 – HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

PYC2606 – Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

RST2603 – New Religious Movements: Cults, New Age and Related Phenomenona

RST3705 – Divinity and Nature in Religious History

STA1510 – Basic Statistics

STA2601 – Applied Statistics II

STA2603 – Distribution Theory II

STA2604 – Forecasting II

TEX2601 – Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

ZOL2601 – Comparative Animal Physiology

ZOL2602 – Cytogenetics and Embryology

ZOL2603 – Theory of Evolution

ZOL2604 – Zoology II (Practical)

EDA201W – Classroom Management (Educational Themes 201 (BED))

EDAHOD5 – The Educator as Assessor

ETH306W – Inclusive Education B (Educational Themes 306)

FDEME3L – Computer Integration in the Classroom

Third level


EDA3013 – Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Education for the Subject Teacher

EDA3046 – Environmental Education

EDA3058 – Education Law and Professional Ethics

EDT303Q – Religious Education

ETH305V – Multicultural Education (Educational Themes 305)

LADACUH – Teaching Arts and Culture (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADEMSJ – Teaching Economic and Management Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADHSSA – Teaching Social Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADLANA – Teaching Languages (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADLORD – Teaching Life Orientation (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADMMM6 – Teaching Mathematics (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADNSCC – Teaching Natural Sciences (Sp Subject Didactics)

LADTECX – Teaching Technology (Sp Subject Didactics)

TPR200F – Teaching Practice (Senior Phase Subject Didactics) for BED (Professional Studies 2)

LPAFRT8 – Language Proficiency

LPENGTS – Language Proficiency (English Communication for Education)

Fourth level


SDACT0M – FET Subject Didactics Accounting

SDBEC0S – FET Subject Didactics Business Studies

SDBIOLJ – FET Subject Didactics Life Sciences

SDC4701 – FET Subject Didactics Consumer Studies

SDCAT0P – FET Subject Didactics Computer Applications Technology 

SDCOS04 – FET Subject Didactics Information Technology

SDEC00N – FET Subject Didactics Economics

SDENG3J – FET Subject Didactics English

SDH4701 – FET Subject Didactics Hospitality Studies

SDHISTV – FET Subject Didactics History

SDLANGT – FET Subject Didactics Languages (Home, First and Second Additional Language)

SDMAT04 – FET Subject Didactics Mathematics Education

SDMATLK – FET Subject Didactics Mathematical Literacy

SDPSC08 – FET Subject Didactics Physical Science

SDRELSD – FET Subject Didactics Religion Studies

SDSGC0D – FET Subject Didactics Life Orientation

SDTECSY – FET Subject Didactics Technology Subjects

LPENGPN – Additional Language Endorsement

TPR100C – Teaching Practice (Further Education and Training) for BED (Professional Studies 1)