First level


Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners

The Origins of South African Law

Foundations of South African Law

Introduction to Law

Law of Persons

Skills Course for Law Students

Research Literacy for Law

Social Dimensions of Justice

Second level


Administrative Law

General Principles of Civil Procedure

Law of Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trail Procedure

General Principles of Criminal Law

Criminal Law: Specific Crimes 

Constitutional Law

Fundamental Rights

African Customary Law

Interpretation of Statutes 

Entrepreneurial Law

Family Law

Law of Succession

Third level


Civil Procedure: Court Proceedings

Law of Criminal Procedure: Trial and Post-Trial

Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence

Evidence: the Presentation and Assessment of Evidence

Insolvency Law

Labour Law

Law of Property

Law of Contract

Law of Delict

Enrichment Liability and Estoppel

Fourth level


Legal Transactions in International Law

International Transport Law

Advanced Indigenous Law

Environmental Law

Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights

International Human Rights Law

World Trade Law

Education Law

Forensic Medicine

Medical Law

Media Law

Selected Private and Criminal Law Principles of the Internet

Comparative Law

Private International Law

Patent and Copyright Law

The Law of Competition and Trademarks

Tax Law

Insurance Law

Company Law

Banking Law and Usage

South African Law of International Trade

Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce

The Law of Sale and Lease

Law of Damages


Notarial Practice

LLB Research Methodology

International Law

Legal Philosophy

Professional Ethics

Law of Negotiable Instruments, Intellectual Property and Competition