First level


FAC1503 – Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners

FLS1501 – The Origins of South African Law

FLS1502 – Foundations of South African Law

ILW1501 – Introduction to Law

PVL1501 – Law of Persons

SCL1501 – Skills Course for Law Students

SCL1502 – Research Literacy for Law

SJD1501 – Social Dimensions of Justice

Second level


ADL2601 – Administrative Law

CIP2601 – General Principles of Civil Procedure

CMP2601 – Law of Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trail Procedure

CRW2601 – General Principles of Criminal Law

CRW2602 – Criminal Law: Specific Crimes 

CSL2601 – Constitutional Law

FUR2601 – Fundamental Rights

IND2601 – African Customary Law

IOS2601 – Interpretation of Statutes 

MRL2601 – Entrepreneurial Law

PVL2601 – Family Law

PVL2602 – Law of Succession

Third level


CIP3701 – Civil Procedure: Court Proceedings

CMP3701 – Law of Criminal Procedure: Trial and Post-Trial

EVI3701 – Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence

EVI3702 – Evidence: the Presentation and Assessment of Evidence

MRL3701 – Insolvency Law

MRL3702 – Labour Law

PVL3701 – Law of Property

PVL3702 – Law of Contract

PVL3703 – Law of Delict

PVL3704 – Enrichment Liability and Estoppel

Fourth level


LCP4802 – Legal Transactions in International Law

LCP4803 – International Transport Law

LCP4804 – Advanced Indigenous Law

LCP4805 – Environmental Law

LCP4806 – Advanced Constitutional Law and Fundamental Rights

LCP4807 – International Human Rights Law

LCP4808 – World Trade Law

LCP4809 – Education Law

LCR4801 – Forensic Medicine

LCR4802 – Medical Law

LCR4803 – Media Law

LCR4805 – Selected Private and Criminal Law Principles of the Internet

LJU4803 – Comparative Law

LJU4804 – Private International Law

LML4801 – Patent and Copyright Law

LML4802 – The Law of Competition and Trademarks

LML4804 – Tax Law

LML4805 – Insurance Law

LML4806 – Company Law

LML4807 – Banking Law and Usage

LML4808 – South African Law of International Trade

LML4810 – Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce

LPL4801 – The Law of Sale and Lease

LPL4802 – Law of Damages

LPL4804 – Conveyancing

LPL4805 – Notarial Practice

HMLLB80 – LLB Research Methodology

LCP4801 – International Law

LJU4801 – Legal Philosophy

LJU4802 – Professional Ethics

MRL4801 – Law of Negotiable Instruments, Intellectual Property and Competition