First level


CST1501 – Composition Models 1: Tonal Music

CST1502 – Composition Models 2: Modal and Tonal Counterpoint

INS1502 – Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning

MBY1501 – Music Bibliography

MHS1501 – Introducing Music Studies

MHS1502 – Exploring World Musics

AFK1501 – Afrikaans Today (Literature)

AFK1503 – Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication

AFL1502 – African Language and Culture in Practice

AFL1504 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II

AGE1501 – Introduction to Archaeology

AIS1501 – Introducing Applied Information Science

AIS1503 – Introducing Information Records and Sources

ANH1501 – Ancient Near East and Greece

ANH1502 – Roman Ancient History

APY1501 – The Anthropological Study of Culture in a Multicultural Context

ARB1501 – Elementary Arabic

ARH1501 – Visual Literacy

ARH1502 – Introduction to Art History

ATC1502 – Mythology of the Ancient Near East

ATC1601 – Introduction to the Ancient Near Eastern Culture

CGM1501 – Invitation to Theology

CGM1502 – First Steps in Practical Theology

CLH1501 – Galeh IVrit Tanakhit

CLH1502 – Hamshekh Belvrit Tanakhit

CLS1501 – Greek Mythology in Context

CLS1502 – Ancient Rome: Society, Myth and Literature

CMM1501 – Ethics and Life

CMM1502 – The Dynamics of Mission

COM1501 – Fundamentals of Communication

COM1502 – Communication Contexts and Applications

DVA1501 – Introduction to Development Studies

ECH1501 – Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology

ENG1501 – Foundations in English Literary Studies

ENG1502 – Foundations in English Language Studies

FRC1501 – French Language and Culture: Beginners

FRC1502 – French Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

GRE1501 – Greek Grammar

GRE1502 – Greek Grammar and Reading

HRV1601 – Human Rights, Values and Social Transformation

HSY1511 – Africa in the World: Historical Perspectives

HSY1512 – Southern Africa Until the Early 1800s: Encounters and Transformations

ICS1501 – An Introduction to Islam

INS1501 – Introduction to Information Science

IPC1501 – Fundamentals of International Politics

IPC1502 – South Africa in International Politics

KSK1601 – Introduction to Creative Writing: a Practical Course

LAN1501 – Basic Concepts in Language Analysis: Introduction to Latin Morphology

LAN1502 – Introduction to Latin Grammar and Syntax

LIN1501 – Grammatical Patterns and Concepts

LIN1502 – Multilingualism: the Role of Language in the South African Context

OTS1501 – Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature

OTS1502 – Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

PLC1501 – Politics as Social Activity

PLC1502 – Understanding the State

PLS1501 – Introduction to Western Philosophy

PLS1502 – Introduction to African Philosophy

PTU1501 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Beginners

PTU1502 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate

PYC1501 – Basic Psychology

PYC1502 – Psychology in Society

RST1501 – Introduction to History of Religions

SCK1501 – Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work

SOC1501 – Community, Society and Inequality in a Globalised World: Introduction to Sociology

SOC1502 – Understanding South Africa: Families, Education, Identities and Inequality

THL1501 – Introduction to Theory of Literature

THL1502 – Introduction to Literary Genres

TIC1501 – Reflections of Faith

AFL1501 – Language Through an African Lens

AFL1503 – Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

Second level


CST2601 – Music Technology 1: Midi

CST2602 – Composition Models 3: Chromaticism

CST2603 – Composition Models 4: Music Analysis

MHS2601 – Musical Entrepreneurship

MHS2602 – Music and Society

MHS2603 – Music and Patronage

MHS2604 – Music in Vienna From the Late 18th Century

MHS2605 – Jazz Studies

AFK2601 – Genre and Theme

AFK2602 – Afrikaans Grammar

AFL2601 – Communication Dynamics in African Languages

AFL2602 – Understanding African Management Practices as Reflected in African Languages Literature and Texts

AFL2603 – Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages

AGE2601 – Archaeological Fieldwork Techniques and Analytical Methods

AGE2602 – African Archaeology

APY2613 – Anthropology in an African Context

ARB2602 – Pre-Intermediate Arabic

ARB2603 – Intermediate Arabic

ARH2601 – The Arts and Ideology 1

ARH2602 – Introduction to Art History in Africa

ARH2603 – Visual Culture 1

ATC2601 – Verbal Communication in the Ancient Near East

ATC2602 – Nonverbal Communication in Ancient Near East

ATC2603 – Cultural Change in the Ancient Near East

CGM2601 – Ethics and Spirituality

CGM2602 – Preaching in a Context of Poverty

CGM2603 – Exploring Celebration and Worship

CLH2601 – Hinneh Hatanakh

CLH2602 – Hinneh Ha’Arets

CLS2601 – Perspectives on Roman Africa and the Ancient Environment

CLS2602 – Material Testimonies to the Classical World

CMM2601 – Women in Society and Church

CMM2602 – Youth Ministry in Communities

CMM2603 – Intercultural Christian Communication

COM2601 – Organisational Communication

COM2602 – Integrated Organisational Communication

COM2603 – Intercultural, Development and Health Communication

COM2604 – Media Studies: Mass Communication and Media Theory

DVA1601 – Development Problems and Institutions

DVA2601 – Projects and Programmes as Instruments of Development

DVA2602 – Community Development and the Basic Needs Approach

ECH2601 – Text Interpretation, Theory and Method

ECH2602 – Daily Life in Early Christianity

ECH2603 – Illness, Health and Healing in the Early Christian World

ENG2601 – Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations

ENG2602 – Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics

ENG2603 – Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures

FRC2601 – French Language and Culture: Intermediate

FRC2602 – French for Professional Purposes: Introduction

FRC2603 – French Literature: Introduction

HSY2601 – Themes in the 19th Century History: Power and the Western World

HSY2602 – Early State Formation, Slavery and Colonial Conquest in Africa

HSY2603 – Transformation in Southern Africa in the 19th Century: Colonisation, Migration, Mining and War

ICS2602 – History of Islam

ICS2603 – Foundation Sources of Islam

ICS2604 – Sociocultural Life, Ethics and Education in Islam

INS2601 – Exploring Information user Studies

INS2602 – Investigating Information Ethics in the Information Era

IPC2601 – International Organisations

IPC2602 – International Political Dynamics

KSK2601 – Advanced Creative Writing: a Practical Course (Theory of Literature 204)

LIN2601 – Language Acquisition in a Natural Environment

LIN2602 – Language in a Changing World

LIN2603 – Sound and Sound Structure

MGG2601 – Marriage Guidance and Counselling

MGG2602 – Sexual Trauma

OTS2601 – The Bible, Creation and Ecology

OTS2602 – From Dan to Beersheba: an Archaeological Tour Through Ancient Israel

OTS2603 – Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives

PLC2601 – Understanding Political Behaviour and Participation

PLC2602 – Politics and Public Policy

PLS2601 – Critical Reasoning

PLS2602 – African Ethics and Politics

PLS2607 – Philosophy of Science

PSC2601 – South African Politics

PTU2601 – Portuguese Language and Culture: Intermediate Level

PTU2602 – Modern Portuguese Literature and Society

PYC2601 – Personality Theories

PYC2602 – Child and Adolescent Development

PYC2603 – Adulthood and Maturity

PYC2604 – Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

PYC2605 – HIV/Aids Care and Counselling

PYC2606 – Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design

RSC2601 – Research in Social Sciences

RST2603 – New Religious Movements: Cults, New Age and Related Phenomenona

RST2604 – Meditation and Mysticism

SOC2601 – Theories of Social Change

SOC2602 – Globalisation and Social Change in South Africa

SOC2604 – Sociology of Families and Social Problems

TEX2601 – Writing Skills for the Communication Industry

THL2601 – Theory of the Sign in Literature and Culture

THL2602 – Structuralist and Semiotic Theories of Genre

THL2603 – Theories in Context: Ideology and Discourse

TIC2601 – Faith, Church and Culture

TIC2602 – Christianity and a Changing South Africa

TIC2603 – Faith, Jesus and Social Change

TIC2604 – World Christianity and Ecumenism

WLL2601 – Cultural Diversity in Literary Contexts

WLL2602 – Film, Literature and Society

Third level


CST3701 – African Composition Resources

CST3702 – Modernist Composition Resources

CST3703 – Postmodern Composition Resources

CST3704 – Free Composition

CST3705 – Performing Practice

CST3706 – Music Technology 2: Digital Audio

MHS3701 – Music in Religion

MHS3702 – Opera

MHS3703 – Music and Gender

MHS3704 – Music in South Africa

MHS3705 – Sociology of Music