First level


AME1501 – Introduction to Agricultural Economics [Theory and Practice]

BLG1501 – Basic Biology

BLG1502 – Animal and Plant Diversity

CHE1501 – General Chemistry IA

CHE1502 – General Chemistry IB

CHE1503 – General Chemistry I (Practical)

ECS1501 – Economics IA

FAC1501 – Introductory Financial Accounting

FAC1502 – Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures

MAT1510 – Precalculus Mathematics A

Second level


AEX2601 – Extension Leadership and Group Dynamics

AME2601 – Agricultural Production Economics [Theory and Practice]

AME2603 – Introduction to Agri-Business Management [Theory and Practice]

AME2605 – Farm Management

ASA2605 – Principles of Animal Nutrition

ASP2602 – Plant Production Systems [Theory and Practice]

ECS1601 – Economics IB

ECS2606 – Environmental Economics

FNS2602 – Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

STA1610 – Introduction to Statistics

Third level


AEX3703 – Extension Programme Planning and Evaluation (Offered from 2019)

AGP3701 – Mini Project and Seminar (Offered from 2019)

AME2701 – Agricultural Marketing and Risk Management (Offered from 2019)

AME2703 – Introduction to Agricultural Policy (Offered from 2019)

AME3701 – Agricultural and Rural Development (Offered from 2019)

AME3702 – Agricultural Resource Economics (Offered from 2019)

AME3703 – Agricultural Policy Analysis (Offered from 2019)

AME3704 – Rural Agricultural Finance (Offered from 2019)

ASP3703 – Field Crop Production [Theory and Practice] (Offered from 2019)

GGH3708 – Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

Fourth level


AME4801 – Agricultural Marketing Analysis (Offered from 2020)

AME4802 – Agricultural Project Analysis I B (Offered from 2020)

AME4803 – Agricultural Project Analysis I B (Offered from 2020)

HPAGR80 – Experimental Design and Layout (Offered from 2020)

HRAGR81 – Research Report (Offered from 2020)