First level


CHE1501 – General Chemistry IA

CHE1502 – General Chemistry IB

CHE1503 – Chemistry I (Practical)

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MNB1501 – Business Management IA

MNB1601 – Business Management IB

STA1510 – Basic Statistics

ZOL1501 – Animal Diversity I

ZOL1502 – Animal Diversity II

ZOL1603 – Zoology I (Practical)

Second level


BOT2605 – Introduction to Medicinal Plants

FIS2601 – Digestion, Endocrine Control and Metabolism

FIS2602 – Respiration and Excretion

FIS2603 – Physiological Defence Mechanisms

FIS2604 – Physiology II (Practical)

MIB2601 – Introductory Microbiology

MIB2602 – Microbial Ecology

MIB2603 – Introductory Microbial Genetics, Immunology and Epidemiology

MIB2604 – Microbiology II (Practical)

MNE2601 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Third level


FIS3701 – Physiology of the Nervous System

FIS3702 – Cardiovascular System

FIS3703 – Membrane and Effector Physiology

FIS3704 – Physiology (Practical)

GGH3708 – Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

MIB3701 – Microbial Physiology

MIB3702 – Advanced Microbial Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology and Industrial Microbiology

MIB3703 – Microbial Diversity

MIB3704 – Microbiology III (Practical)

MNE3703 – Technology and Innovation