First level


MAT1503 – Linear Algebra

MAT1512 – Calculus A

PHY1503 – Physics Practical Work I

PHY1505 – Mechanics (Physics)

PHY1506 – Electromagnetism and Heat (Physics)

STA1501 – Descriptive Statistics and Probability

STA1502 – Statistical Inference I

STA1503 – Distribution Theory I

Second level


APM2611 – Differential Equations

MAT1613 – Calculus B

MAT2611 – Linear Algebra

MAT2615 – Calculus in Higher Dimensions

PHY1604 – Modern Physics

PHY2601 – Classical Mechanics

PHY2602 – Electricity and Magnetism (Physics)

PHY2606 – Waves (Physics)

STA2601 – Applied Statistics II

STA2602 – Statistical Inference II

STA2603 – Distribution Theory II

STA2604 – Forecasting II

Third level


PHY3702 – Quantum Physics

PHY3703 – Statistical and Thermal Physics

PHY3707 – Solid State Physics

PHY3708 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

PHY3709 – Computational Modeling

STA3701 – Applied Statistics III

STA3702 – Statistical Inference III

STA3703 – Distribution Theory III

STA3704 – Time Series III

STA3710 – Mathematical Techniques in Statistics