First level


Invitation to Theology

First Steps in Practical Theology

Ethics and Life

The Dynamics of Mission

Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology

Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature

Reflections of Faith

Introduction to the Study of Church History

Second level


Ethics and Spirituality

Preaching in a Context of Poverty

Exploring Celebration and Worship

Women in Society and Church

Youth Ministry in Communities

Intercultural Christian Communication

Faith, Church and Culture

Christianity and a Changing South Africa

Faith, Jesus and Social Change

World Christianity and Ecumenism

Text Interpretation, Theory and Method

Daily Life in Early Christianity

Illness, Health and Healing in the Early Christian World

The Bible, Creation and Ecology

From Dan to Beersheba: an Archaeological Tour Through Ancient Israel

Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives

The Bible and the Eradication of Poverty

Third level


Integrated Theological Praxis

Sexual Ethics

From Text to Sermon: Reading and Creating Religious Texts

Caring for All: Exploring the Field of Pastoral Work

The Research Challenge: Doing Empirical Research in Theology

Christian Leadership and Church Management

Christian Action for Anti-Racism and Reconciliation
God, Creation and Environment

Christian Social Ethics

The Dynamics of Interreligious Encounter

Christian Moral Decision-Making

Faith, the Spirit and the Future

Faith, Philosophy and Science

Church and Society Across the Ages

Christianity in Africa

Christian Foundations: the Early Centuries

Death, Tombs and Burials in the Early Christian World

Religion, Worship and Prayer in the Early Christian World

The Bible and Human Development in Post-Colonial Africa

Construction of Bodies, Gender and Sexuality in Early Christianity

Early Christian Spirituality

Politics, Power and Prophecy in Ancient Israel

Excavating a Biblical City

The Bible and African Cultures

The Bible and Sexuality

Understanding the Old Testament Through Archaeology