AEX1602 – Community Extension Practice

AME1501 – Introduction to Agricultural Economics [Theory and Practice]

EUC1501 – End-User Computing I (Theory)

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MNG1502 – Management IA

PAH1501 – Anatomy and Physiology: AH I

PAH1502 – Anatomy and Physiology AH II

PNH1501 – Pasture and Nutrition: Ah

ZTG1501 – Zootechnology I

ZTG1502 – Zootechnology II


AND2601 – Animal Diseases I

AND2602 – Animal Diseases II

ANH2601 – Animal Health Practice: Laboratory Diagnostics

ANH2602 – Animal Health Practice: Reproduction Management

EPD2601 – Epidemiology AH I

EPD2602 – Epidemiology AH II

LDI2601 – Laboratory Diagnostics: AH I

MNG1602 – Management IB

PHT2601 – Pharmacology and Toxicology: AH I

PHT2602 – Pharmacology and Toxicology: AH II

AND3701 – Animal Diseases III

AND3702 – Animal Diseases IV

ANH3604 – Animal Health Practice: Project (WIL)

ANH3605 – Animal Health Practice: Portfolio (WIL)

ANH3703 – Animal Health Practice: TB/CA

EPD3701 – Epidemiology III

GGH3708 – Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

TLG3601 – Legislation: AH

VPH3601 – Veterinary Public Health

VPH3602 – Veterinary Public Health : Practical