First level


Business Management IA

Economics IA

Practising Workplace English

End-User Computing I (Theory)

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Explosives IA

Introductory Financial Accounting

Management IA

Sustainability and Greed

Quality Management IA

Second level


Business Management IB

Explosives IB

Explosives Management IIA (Offered From 2018)

Explosives Management IIB (Offered From 2018)

Human Resource Management for Line Managers

Management IIA

Management IIB 

Management IB 

Fundamentals of Operational & Financial Risk

Health and Safety Management IIA

Health and Safety Management IIB

Quality Management IB

Third level


Explosives Industrial Practice IIIA (Offered From 2019)

Explosives Industrial Practice IIIB (Offered From 2019)

Explosives IIIA

Explosives IIIB (Offered From 2019)

Management IIIA 

Management IIIB 

Quality Management Systems IIIA (Offered From 2019)

Quality Management Systems IIIB (Offered From 2019)