First level


BWE1501 – Business Practice and Workplace Ethics

CPD1501 – Citizenship, Public Participation and Democracy

CRW1501 – Introduction to the General Principles of Criminal Law

ENN1504 – Practising Workplace English

ILW1501 – Introduction to Law

PAR1501 – Introduction to Paralegal Studies

PVL1501 – Law of Persons

SCL1501 – Skills Course for Law Students

SCL1502 – Research Literacy for Law

SJD1501 – Social Dimensions of Justice

Second level


ADL2601 – Administrative Law

FBE2604 – Forms of Business Enterprise

IND2601 – African Customary Law

IOS2601 – Interpretation of Statutes

LEG2601 – Legal Aspects of Environmental Management

LLW2601 – Individual Labour Law

LLW2602 – Collective Labour Law

LSB2605 – Legal Aspects of Small Businesses

PAC2602 – Paralegal Advice Centre

PVL2601 – Family Law

PVL2602 – Law of Succession

SSL2601 – Social Security Law

Third level


COL3704 – Consumer Law

EDL3703 – Education Law

EVI3701 – Evidence: Admissibility of Evidence

HIL3705 – HIV/Aids and the Law

LAH3701 – Land and Housing

LEV3701 – Law of Evidence

LGL3702 – Local Government Law

PVL3702 – Law of Contract

PVL3703 – Law of Delict