First level


ANS1501 – Animal Studies I

CEC1501 – Conservation Ecology I

CIN1501 – Conservation Interpretation I

COA1501 – Conservation Administration I

COC1501 – Contact Course I

CVM1501 – Conservation Resource Management I

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

FOC1501 – Fundamentals of Conservation I

PSO1501 – Plant Studies I

SSC1501 – Soil Science I

Second level


ANS2601 – Animal Studies II

CEC2601 – Conservation Ecology II

CIN2601 – Conservation Interpretation II

COC2602 – Contact Course II

CVM2601 – Conservation Resource Management II

NCA2603 – Nature Conservation Application IA

NCA2604 – Nature Conservation Application IB

NCA2605 – Nature Conservation Application IIA

NCA2606 – Nature Conservation Application IIB

PSO2601 – Plant Studies II

Third level


ANS3701 – Animal Studies III

CEC3701 – Conservation Ecology III

COC3601 – Contact Course III

COC3602 – Contact Course IV

CVM3701 – Conservation Resource Management III

EMP3701 – Ecological Management Plan

GGH3708 – Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

NCA3601 – Nature Conservation Application IIIA

NCA3602 – Nature Conservation Application IIIB

PSO3701 – Plant Studies III