First level


MNB1501 – Business Management IA

PUB1501 – The Nature, Content and Scope of Public Administration

PUB1504 – Public Resource Management I

PUB1505 – Public Supply Chain Management

PUB1506 – Public Office Management I

PUB1507 – Public Information Services I

PUB1508 – Public Service Delivery I

PUB1509 – Public Decision-Making I

PUB1510 – Self Management I

SUS1501 – Sustainability and Greed

Second level


PUB1601 – The Structuring and Functioning of Public Services

PUB2607 – Public Financial Management II 

PUB2608 – Public Financial Control II 

PUB2609 – Public Human Resource Management IIB

PUB2610 – Public Procurement & Logistics Management II 

PUB2611 – Public Information Practices II 

PUB2615 – Project Management IIA

PUB2617 – Project Management IIB 

PUB2618 – Fundamentals of Public Administration Research II

PUB2619 – Public Human Resource Management IIA

Third level


PUB3711 – Approaches to Programme Management III 

PUB3712 – Aspects of Programme Management III 

PUB3715 – Public Financial and Procurement Management IIIA 

PUB3716 – Public Financial and Procurement Management IIIB 

PUB3717 – Public Human Resource Management III 

PUB3718 – Management of Information III 

PUB3719 – Management of Information Systems III 

PUB3720 – Policy Studies III

PUB3721 – Public Management Practice III

PUB3722 – Intersectoral Collaboration III