First level

CML1501 – Communication Law

DPR1501 – Introduction to Communication

DPR1502 – Communication in the Organisation

DPR1503 – Introduction to Public Relations

DPR1504 – Stakeholder Relationships

DPR1505 – The Public Relations Programme

DPR1506 – Writing for Public Relations 1

DPR1507 – Understanding the Media

ENN1504 – Practising Workplace English

EUC1501 – End-User Computing I (Theory)

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

Second level

ADB1602 – Adminstrative Management IB

DPR2601 – Public Relations Research

DPR2602 – Communication Theory

DPR2603 – Organisational Dynamics

DPR2604 – Communicating in a Global Context

DPR2605 – The Applied Public Relations Programme

DPR2606 – Writing for Public Relations II

DPR2611 – Proficiency in English II: Creative Writing for Business and the Professions

DPR2612 – Media Liaison

DPR2613 – Image and Identity

PLC2602 – Politics and Public Policy

PYC2604 – Community Psychology: Re-Imagining Community

ENG2604 – Creative Writing for Public Relations

Third level

DPR3701 – Publicity

DPR3702 – Public Relations in Industry

DPR3703 – Production Analogue

DPR3704 – Production – Digital

DPR3705 – Strategic Planning & Advisement

DPR3706 – Issues Management and Social Responsibility

DPR3711 – Work Integrated Learning

PLC2602 – Politics and Public Policy

PYC2614 – Community psychology: Building foundations