First level


CMY1501 – Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

MNG1502 – Management IA

MNG1602 – Management IB

SEP1501 – Security Principles and Practices I

SEP1502 – Fire Prevention and Safety Strategies

SEP1503 – Corporate Investigation I

SEP1505 – Security Technology and Information Security I

SJD1501 – Social Dimensions of Justice

HRM1501 – Introduction to Human Resource Management

LRM1501 – Introduction to Labour Relations Management

MAC1501 – Introduction to Management Accounting

PUB1508 – Public Service Delivery I

Second level


MND2601 – Management IIA

MND2602 – Management IIB

SEP2601 – Industrial Security Principles

SEP2602 – Industrial Security in Practice

SEP2603 – Corporate Investigation II

SEP2605 – Security Technology and Information Security II

SEP2606 – Security Risk Control Measures I

CMY2602 – Principles of Crime Prevention, Reduction and Control

HRM2605 – Human Resource Management for Line Managers

LRM2601 – Labour Relations Management: Macro

PUB2615 – Project Management IIA

PUB2617 – Project Management IIB

Third level


MND3701 – Management IIIA

MND3702 – Management IIIB

SEP3701 – Applied Security Risk Management

SEP3702 – Integrated Security Risk Project Management

SEP3703 – Corporate Investigation III

SEP3704 – Security Risk Control Measures III

SEP3705 – Security Technology and Information Security III

SEP3714 – Security Risk Control Measures II ( Module 1)

CMY3702 – Crime Typologies

HRM3704 – Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

LRM3702 – Labour Relations Management: Micro

PUB3711 – Approaches to Programme Management III

PUB3712 – Aspects of Programme Management III