First level


AMC1PRA – Applied Mechanics I (Practical)

DRW1501 – Drawing I

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MAT1581 – Mathematics I (Engineering)

PHY1501 – Elementary Mechanics

SCV1501 – Surveying

Second level


CMD1501 – Construction Methods I

CMT1501 – Construction Materials I (Theory)

CMTPRA1 – Construction Materials I (Practical)

DRW2601 – Drawing II

MAT2691 – Mathematics II (Engineering)

MCL1501 – Management: Civil I

SRC2601 – Surveying: Civil II (Theory)

SRCPRA2 – Surveying: Civil II (Practical)

TST2601 – Theory of Structures II (Theory)

TSTPRA2 – Theory of Structures II (Practical)

Third level


GTE2601 – Geotechnical Engineering II (Theory)

GTE2PRA – Geotechnical Engineering II (Practical)

MCL2601 – Management: Civil II

RCD3601 – Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Design III (Theory)

RCD3602 – Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Design III (Project)

SAN2601 – Structural Analysis II

TPE2601 – Transportation Engineering II (Theory)

TPE2602 – Transportation Engineering II (Project)

WEN2601 – Water Engineering II (Theory)

WEN2PRA – Water Engineering II (Practical)

PEC2601 – Engineering Practice: Civil II (Workplace-Based Learning)

PEC2602 – Engineering Practise: Civil II (Project – Based)

Fourth level


DCM3601 – Documentation III (Theory)

DCM3602 – Documentation III (Project)

GTE3601 – Geotechnical Engineering III (Theory)

GTEPRA3 – Geotechnical Engineering III (Practical)

SAN3601 – Structural Analysis III

SSD3601 – Structural Steel and Timber Design III (Theory)

SSD3602 – Structural Steel and Timber Design III (Project)

TPE3601 – Transportation Engineering III (Theory)

TPE3PRA – Transportation Engineering III (Practical)

WEN3601 – Water Engineering III (Theory)

WEN3PJT – Water Engineering III (Project)

WEN3PRA – Water Engineering III (Practical)

PEC301C – Engineering Practice: Civil III (Workplace-Based Learning )

PEC3602 – Engineering Practice: Civil III (Project Based)