First level


COS1511 – Introduction to Programming I

DIG1501 – Digital Systems I (Theory)

DIGPRA1 – Digital Systems I (Practical)

ECT1501 – Electronics I (Theory)

ECTPRA1 – Electronics I (Practical)

ELE1501 – Electrical Engineering I (Theory)

ELEPRA1 – Electrical Engineering I (Practical)

ENN103F – English for Academic Purposes

EUP1501 – Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

MAT1581 – Mathematics I (Engineering)

Second level


DIG2601 – Digital Systems II (Theory)

DIGPRA2 – Digital Systems II (Practical)

ECT2601 – Electronics II (Theory)

ECTPRA2 – Electronics II (Practical)

ELE2601 – Electrical Engineering II (Theory)

ELEPRA2 – Electrical Engineering II (Practical)

EPR101E – Electrical Engineering Practice I

ICT1512 – Introduction to Interactive Programming

ICT1513 – Introduction to Web Design

MAT2691 – Mathematics II (Engineering)

Third level


BSY1015 – Bio-Systems I

DIG3601 – Digital Systems III (Theory)

DIGPRA3 – Digital Systems III (Practical)

ECT3601 – Electronics III (Theory)

ECTPRA3 – Electronics III (Practical)

EPR201E – Electrical Engineering Practice II

MAT3700 – Mathematics III (Engineering)

MEQ3601 – Medical Equipment III (Module A) (Theory)

MEQ3602 – Medical Equipment III (Module B) (Theory)

MEQPRA1 – Medical Equipment III (Module A) (Practical)

MEQPRA2 – Medical Equipment III (Module B) (Practical)

Fourth level


DPJ391U – Design Project III

BSM1501 – Business Management IA

BSM1602 – Business Management IB

EMA2601 – Engineering Management II (Module A)

EMA2602 – Engineering Management II (Module B)